Educational Materials

We are developing a variety of educational resources for use in K-12, undergraduate, and graduate-level courses. Tutorials, available by following the menu link to the left, exist for Electrophysiology Modeling, Using CellML, OpenCOR, and the Physiome Model Repository, and Annotating and Managing Computational Physiology Models

Current efforts are focused on constructing a series of modeling instructional units (MIU’s) designed the for two intended audiences: instructors of science education methods courses working with science education teacher candidates and novice science education teachers who are teaching in middle school or high school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classrooms. Each MIU will include three components: (1.) lesson and activities for a modeling unit; (2.) portable laboratory module supply kits that can be used in middle school or high science life science classrooms; and (3.) an instructor’ guide that includes digital tutorials for describing how to involve teacher education students and teachers in a lesson that exemplifies the “modeling practice based pedagogy” and how to hold a pedagogical debrief of the modeling practices that are embedded in the design of the MIU.